NAS326 Zyxel, 2x HDs

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Informações do produto

NAS326 Zyxel, 2x HDs

NetworkingNetwork protocol:CIFS/SMB for WindowsNFS for Linux/UnixAFP for MacDHCP clientPPPoENetwork Time Protocol (NTP)iSCSINetwork applications:Media server:Twonky media server with DLNA 1.5 and UPnP AViTunes serverLogitech media serverPhoto album serverWeb service:WebDAVFTP serverphpMyAdmin/MySQL/PHPRSS client & serverPrint server (CIFS)Remote access support (DyDNS)iOS and Android application:Zyxel Drive, zCloud, ownCloudNetwork application management:User & group managementPackage management for setting up applicationsNetwork security:Support HTTPS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL)Encrypted NAS to NAS remote replicationEncrypted NAS to external disk archive backupData ManagementBackup support:One-touch copy/sync button for external USB capable devices backupBackup planner:Instant/Scheduled backupNAS to NAS synchronization/archive backupRsyncNAS to external USB hard disk backupGoogle Drive**, Dropbox, Memopal, ownCloud, SynBackupfree, Cyberduck and NetDrive supportApple Time Machine supportDownload/Upload support:Auto-download from FTP/HTTP/P2P download service (Torrent file supported)Scheduled downloadAuto-upload photos and videos to YouTube/Flickr/FTP serverFile system support:Internal HDD: EXT4External HDD: NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, FAT32, HFS+ (read only)System ManagementJBOD, RAID 0/1Online firmware upgradeSelf-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)Power and Thermal ManagementPower control:Internal disk hibernation supportScheduled power on/off/rebootWake-on-LAN supportSystem automatically resume after power outageAPC USB UPS monitoring and auto shutdownThermal management:Smart fan speed controlHigh temperature alert/buzzerAuto shutdown while high temperatureMinimum System RequirementsOS for utility: Windows XP onward, Mac OS X 10.5 onwardBrowser: IE 11+, Firefox 20+, Google Chrome 37+, Safari 5+Application Package CentermyZyxelcloud servicemyZyxelCloud agent, version 1.04Cloud applicationownCloud (Cloud synchronization server), version 7.0.15Google Drive**, version 0.5.0Dropbox, version 6.7.0Memopal, version 3.0.0Download managementNZBGet (NZB file download management supported), version 15.0Transmission (Torrent file supported), version 2.84pyLoad (Download manager for many oneclick-hosting sites), version 0.4.9AdditionalGallery (The web-based application allows your NAS to host pictures), version 3.0.9WordPress (Blogging tool and content management system), version 4.4.1Tftp, version 0.7NFS, version 1.3.0Logitech media server (Stream audio system), version 7.7.4PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin (MySQL administration tool), version 1.0

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